Why choose green home construction?

It’s Smart

At Benchmark Builders, we believe green construction just makes sense. A green home is healthier and more comfortable for it’s inhabitants. It’s energy-efficient and costs less to operate. A green home treads lightly on the earth.

Cost Effective

A green home will use far less energy than standard construction. Reduced energy use means reduced monthly expenses. Plus, building green will significantly increase your property’s resale value.

Earth Friendly

First, green construction is inspired by the land, making the most of natural light and passive solar. Second, the materials are sustainably sourced. Finally, a green home is well-insulated so the heating and cooling systems work more efficiently.


The use of non-toxic, recyclable, and renewable materials helps eliminate waste that’s harmful to our planet. Building green creates a healthier indoor environment that’s free of toxins and pollutants. You and your family will simply feel better in a green home.

Small Projects, Big Results

Building green isn’t just about new construction—you can make a huge difference to your existing home. Install double-pane windows. Add insulation. Go with solar, geo-thermal, or radiant heat. Ask us how you can go green!

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